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Several years ago, there was a thing called the “feminist movement”, I think it affected men more than women.

It seems men are afraid to approach a woman anymore to ask her out on a date.

The Internet has come along, and made dating a computer game, and taken away the face to face contact.

This on line service route is so impersonal and phony.

Girls, if you are interested in a guy, then send him the signals.

Guys, pick up on the signals, and ask them out.

Direct contact is the way to go. Person to person, naturally.

Unfortunately, there are people who use the dating services the way people used bars a while back.

They were called “bar flies”. Both men and women, hanging around bars waiting to get picked up.

Now they use dating services the same way, go from date to date getting a free meal and drink, or laid and then, so long sucker.

There should be a name for it. “Cyber flies”…?

There are rare occasions where this might work out; you actually might meet a person who is genuine and sincere.

Well, good luck with that.