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We are spending ourselves, into the Stone Age.

False promises and empty dreams have been arranged for you.

You are mature when you realize, you should have listened to your parents.

Outside influences, interfere with our quest for inner peace.

We only need enough information, to make an informed decision.

Most people, make a good bad impression.

Our expectations, conflict with reality.

Life is a cycle, or a progression, or constant repetition.

We are always seeking some new nonsense, to explain our existence.

The right thing may be the worst thing to do.

Marriage is a dark deserted one-way road, leading to an abyss, or a brightly lit two way street.

You can lose a friend, by being too friendly.

We should be kind to anything that can feel pain.

Hate, makes people less human.

We have too much information, or we have a short attention span.

We don’t know, we can’t know, and we will never know.

It is a good idea to take into account, for a margin of error.

We should have respect, for all that inhabit the earth.

The most complicated thing in the world, is a relationship.

It takes a major crisis, for politicians to try to act even more irresponsibly.