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During the cold war we had, the Communist “threat”.

This kept the merchants of death fat and happy and thriving for 50 some years.

It was good times, we needed a huge military budget to offset this “threat”.

Whenever someone wanted more money for the military industrial complex, all they had to do was point out this obvious “threat”. Damn commies, gotta stop them.

If someone had the nerve to object to the great amount of money pouring into the military, they were drowned out by the loud voices that screamed, “He is soft on defense”.

This tactic always worked, because no one could afford to be “soft on defense”, and hope to be reelected. How could anyone not want to defend their country?

But then a dark cloud fell over the military industrial complex with the break up of the Soviet Union. My god, no more “threat”. What to do, better find a new one fast.

Of course they did, we had the threat of Iraq, (not once, but twice), and Yugoslavia (kind of), Afghanistan, which finally gave us the greatest threat of all, “Terrorism”. This should keep the merchants of death and the military industrial complex fat and happy for another 50 + years.