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We have a tendency, to label one another.

We all see and hear the same things, but interpret them differently.

We say the letter “o”, when we mean the number zero.

It is hard to judge anything, unless you detach yourself from it.

Good intentions, lead to bad decisions.

When you are young, and have your whole life in front of you, you are reckless,

when you are older, with most of your life behind you, you are cautious.

Some people are our mentors, and some people are our tormentors.

Your whole life is determined, by how much you were conditioned as a child.

Before we all become enlightened, and all knowing, we will destroy ourselves first.

We are more reactive, than proactive.

We need to be reminded, that we are open minded.

Preconceived notions, and preconceptions, lead to false assumptions.

All the food we eat, has been tampered with.

We can become immune to suffering, and pain.

Swearing and slang, has become basic American English.

Misconceptions, often become part of conventional wisdom.