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European “culture” is flaunted in the face of Americans

Europeans are so sophisticated, so cultured, centuries of history and art and literature, etc. And the US, WE’RE JUST BABES IN THE WOODS, UNSOPHISTACED, VULGER, NO CLASS.

And, just what has European Civilization taught the U.S., what have we learned from them, how can they guide us to their level of sophistication.

The cultures and civilized Europe taught us all those wonderful “ism”s.

Imperialism, Colonialism, Communism, Fascism, Nazism, Totalitarianism, Institutionalized torture, Concentration camps, and of course, Two Total World Wars.

Thank you Europe, (for your awe-inspiring culture) how civilized.

 This what great civilizations do? This is their legacy FOR US to emulate.


So, one would think the United States would be above emulating this behavior and repudiate it, instead of repeating it.

Yes, the Empires of Europe blundered all over the globe, and we thought we could one up them by making even bigger blunders.

Thank you Europe, we learned well.

They showed us the way to promote and spread their Culture, Christianity, and Civilization.

The United States is hell bent on doing the same thing, but we call it Democracy.