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I’m concerned about names!

For instance

Why is William – Bill

Why is James – Jim

Why is Charles – Chuck

Why is Robert – Bob

Why is John – Jack

Why is Henry – Hank

Why is Richard – Dick

And why would you want to go through life, being called a Dick?

Why do parents give their children weird names?

Like Charleston Heston, remember him, Moses, the NRA guy.

How can you go through life with a name like Charleston?

Imagine the abuse in the schoolyard, the torment, he must have been mentally scarred

Or Sylvester Stallone, Sylvester, oh my god, what were they thinking.

The poor guy, he must have really been abused.

Or maybe it is like the Johnny Cash song, “Boy named Sue”

The story is about a father that abandoned his son, so he named him Sue so he would have to be tough or die. It is a physlogical thing.

I guess it works, I don’t think I would mess with Stallone, he would probably beat the crap out of me.

What about this guy running for president, Mitt Romney….. Mitt

Isn’t that a baseball glove